Sad songs are easier to play I'm afraid

Boo Radleys.

Liverpool/Cheshire. the Nineties. Best known for 'Wake Up Boo!' which was inescapable for about three years. Almost every song they wrote was better than that one.

Definitive classic: 1992's 'Giant Steps'.
Personal preference: Final album 'Kingsize'.

Since breaking up, songwriter Martin Carr kept working under the name Brave Captain, on Wichita Records (Bloc Party, Cribs, Los YYYs). Look for 'Advertisements for Myself' cos it's great. Vocalist Sice, meanwhile, has a new band, Paperlung, and here's a recent live video of theirs.

Apparently Martin played a very rare US tour last November, and rather wonderfully, Bradley's Almanac has posted the Boston show for your enjoyment. It's mostly Brave Captain stuff, but also two Boos songs - stone cold classic 'Lazarus' (watch this!) and a version of one of my faves, 'The Old Newsstand At Hamilton Square' off 'Kingsize'. Hope you enjoy the original - I love the big band vibe of it, the sad nostalgic lyrics, and the sweet drum-fill intro. Grab that live set while you can.

[download The Boo Radleys - The Old Newsstand At Hamilton Square]


Lauren said...

With a name like that, i'm only hoping every song has some sort of Mockingbird reference.

"We've got to teach Scout Finch about racisim. We've got to teach the town about this current horror. We've got to teach Scout Finch about racisism. We've got to teach the town again."


"Once upon a time I left gifts in a tree, but brother stopped me so i pout. There's nothing i could do, i want to be friends with Jem and Scout."

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