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  • I'm a big fan of the Guardian's Film Weekly podcast. Jason Solomons has a nice air of tell-it-like-it-is-ness to him, plus he's an Arsenal fan. Last week he called the final scene in 'Music and Lyrics' "the stupidest thing Hugh Grant has ever done", and in the newest episode, likens watching the new Diane Keaton film to "watching your grandparents having sex." Other massive reasons to download the current episode: interviews with Michel Gondry, and, oh yes, Simon and Edgar. "Timothy Dalton could play Guess Who with all his moustaches" and other great one-liners await you. And a comparison of Z-Cars and Dirty Harry. [direct link to current episode, mp3]
  • I'm not really enjoying the same site's Music Weekly podcast, which relies on forced jokes, forced jingles and poor rapping, without too much substance. (A little like Football Weekly, to be honest, but at least that is more funny than not). Music Weekly have decent guests (Badly Drawn Boy, S-O-V, The Hours) but they're not really talked to. It's got a big inside-jokey vibe to it, and I'm just having trouble enjoying it.
  • NME.com has Bloc Party live in Bristol from last week, in very odd widescreen vision. Good stuff - shame they went with 'Kreuzberg' instead of 'I Still Remember', though.
  • The Brits and the Grammys took place this week. Neither were any good - but at least the former had t'Arctics dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz. And Simon Pegg and Nick Frost presented an award, that was quite funny. Both events can be seen here, until it's removed. Only highlight from the Grammys is the embed below.
  • Even though one of the first things I wrote in here was about how crap their World Cup podcast was, I still have a soft spot for Baddiel and Skinner's old TV show, Fantasy Football League, and rather wonderfully, here's a nice compilation of the best moments of their TV show. I suppose you might not all find it funny to watch Jimmy Greaves tackle a dog, but you know.
  • Speaking of the beautiful game, yesterday's Arsenal v. Bolton match was ridiculous. The good kind of ridiculous, though.
  • 'Hot Fuzz' is out now in the UK, see it if you haven't already! Should have a review on here sometime this weekend from someone much funnier than I.
  • I'm obliged to mention that you can catch the Arcade Fire on NPR this Saturday and on SNL the following Saturday. Call me a sheep - or indeed Captain Obvious - if you like, but their new record is terrific.
  • I've also been listening to the second album from London's rakish The Rakes. It's called 'Ten New Messages', and songs are starting to make it onto blog sites, but today's AYGH download is off their previous album. It's called 'Strasbourg', it's about spies, features a "1-2-3-4" breakdown in German, and frankly if it doesn't get you dancing you're probably already dead. Also, because it's close to my heart and indeed my birthplace, for your consideration the "reworking", 'Watford'.
[download The Rakes - Strasbourg]
[download The Rakes - Watford]


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