Four of us dressed as schoolgirls

A few other places on the internet have already posted about Los Campesinos! but, you know, they're dead good so they're worth the mention. The song 'You! Me! Dancing!' is phenomenal. Begins sounding like it'll be slow and moody and possibly about heartbreak, then some drums arrive it and give it urgency, before at 1.37 everything else, including a xylophone, come to the party. The lyrics nicely capture the fun and awkwardness of going to clubs when you're, like 17, hoping your fake ID will get you in, and once you make it, realizing that you're crap at dancing. And accordingly, the song is absolutely PERFECT for dancing indie-kids. Boy girl vocals, a spoken word outro, laughter, shouty chorus. The most joyful six minutes of the year so far. Grab a few songs, including 'Dancing!' here, courtesy of BBC Wales. They're full of promise, full of hooks, full of great lyrics, and most noticeably, full of exclamations.

[download Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!]

And here's the sweet-ass video for their new single, 'You Throw Parties, We Throw Knives'.


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