You don't look like no goddamn singer-songwriter to me

Let me tell you a story about Mouse on Mars. I don't really know much about them. In late 2004, I think, I heard Mark E. Smith's remix of their song 'Wipe That Sound' at Fluxblog, and it blew my mind into a brand new hairstyle. It remains one of my favourites. Listen to The Fall frontman babble on about pitchforks and mountain bikes and other nonsense, over the squelchy beats and rising strings. It's terrific.

I liked it enough to go and see the band when they played Tallahassee (October '04) and since I didn't have much by way of expectations, I was once again blown away. Probably the most I've ever danced in these United States. Got there late, just in time to see Ratatat's last three songs, which fortunately enough included '17 Years' and 'Cherry', and then it was MoM time, and they had everyone impressed. Honestly, it was the best gig I saw in four years of living in Tallahassee - ahead of Arab Strap, YYYs and Mogwai, all of whom I'm a much bigger fan of.

The reason I bring this up is because of the news on Pitchfork today. Apparently that Mouse/Smith collab wasn't just a one-off thing - they've just finished making an album together under the name Von Südenfed. There are couple of songs at their myspace, including a reworking of 'Wipe That Sound', which isn't too great, but a banger called 'Can't Get Enough' which is terrific. Lots of dancing for you to take with you today.

[download Mouse on Mars - Wipe that Sound (Mark E. Smith Vocal Remix)]
[download Von Südenfed - Fledermaus Can't Get Enough]
[download Ratatat - Seventeen Years]


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