No! Not the bees!

Did you see last year's Wicker Man remake? Me neither. Mostly because I quite enjoyed the 1974 original, nobody had anything nice to say about the remake, and besides, The Coral had already nailed it with their video for 'Goodbye', further rendering Neil La Bute's version completely redundant. Seriously, watch that Coral video now.

Anyway, whilst listening to this week's IFC Podcast, which is helpfully entitled 'The Life and Times of Nicolas Cage' I heard about this video compilation of highlights from last year's film. Whether or not you enjoy depends strongly on how you feel about people in bear masks, bees, and lady punching.

And, because it's long and brooding and brilliant, today's download is off the last Pulp record. Didn't really hit the spot when I saw them do it live, because it only soars in the final minute, but listen to it and follow along the lyrics, and there's more emotion and dark humour than in Nic Cage's career. Apart from 'Raising Arizona', of course.

[download Pulp - Wickerman]


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