I know my own worth

My two favourite songs of last year, 'Kriss Kross' and 'Constructive Summer', were both opening tracks on their respective albums. There's clearly something about front-loading a much-anticapted new-release with a stone-cold stunner that really appeals to bands. (Four hyphen-linked words in one sentence? I'm a genius.) Clearly hip to this technique, Future of the Left are back, and their song 'Arming Eritrea', which kicks off new record 'Travels With Myself and Another' (out in June) has made it to "Samir's favourite song of 2009 so far". 

'Curses' was certainly not a shabby record, but new tune shows a noticeable progression. Also, they aim to mislead, beginning all quiet and noodly. But close your eyes, count to twenty, and sure enough, Falco's bark will bring you back down to earth. There's a chorus, some melodies, more structure than many of the 'Curses' songs, and a killer outro. I listened to this seventeen times in a row on headphones yesterday. Listen to the song, and a couple of other newies, in raw live session form at The Futurist here

God, it's good to have them back. 

[Future of the Left official / myspace / buy 'Curses']

Oh, and single 'The House that Hope Built' has a video. Here it is. Falco ditched the beard.


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