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This incredible year for Scottish music* rolls on, and this time, it's the return of the Incredible Sulk. Stereogum are giving away a new track, 'Carry Me', from Malcolm Middleton, so I strongly suggest you go over there and listen to it. Great to be writing about Malky again on AYGH. 'Waxing Gibbous' is out on June 1st, and according to one early review, it's more 'Into the Woods' than 'A Brighter Beat', sadly for me. 

And here's a Girls Aloud cover to sweeten the deal. And he's got some other girl band songs on the website

* Phantom Band, Aidan, Lord Cut Glass, Broken Records, My Latest Novel... That'll do for now.


Jim said...

Bricolage, Wake The President and some other stuff I've forgotten has been really good too.

The Girls Aloud cover is a bit spoiled for me cause mark Morriss did it last year too, not much differently.

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