I laughed like a dog with glee

Short post today: Here's a new song from Lord Cut Glass' upcoming debut album. This song, along with another from LCG, was featured in the newest Chemikal Underground podsketch. The song is ace, a barnstormer with quiet parts too, and brass and pianos and a lyric about a drag queen. 

Did I mention that Lord Cut Glass is Alun Woodward? The singer from my favourite band ever, the delgados? Perhaps I should have. 

[Lord Cut Glass mypsace / Chemikal Underground]


Matt said...

I think the artwork on this album is a rendition of the infamous charge of the light brigade during the Crimean War. Why do I know this? There was a spoken word record for it, part of some adventures in listening to horribly military history set, for it nestled in my dad's vinyl bin.

Anonymous said...

Nope. That's neither the Light Brigade nor the Crimean War. It's the charge if the Scots Greys at Waterloo entitled "Scotland Forever".



Anonymous said...

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