Character work

I don't watch a lot of television, but in order to keep up with the sites Half Deserted Streets and Your Beard is Good, I've been asked to come up with a list of my five favourite characters currently in shows currently airing. Turns out: 

a) I don't watch many dramas.
b) I watch a lot of shows that don't have characters. (The Cougar is not a character).

So here's my list. 

1. Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock: Who Dat Ninja? The character has nothing at all to do with the actor. Nothing at all

2. Maurice Moss, The I.T. Crowd: It's not currently on, I know, but it will be back. And Moss is the flippin' greatest. One time, when expressing surprise, he said "Chairman Wow!" And Richard Ayoade is also great as Sabu on the Boosh, or as a music video director

3. Ron Donald, Party Down: Party Down airs on the Starz network, so nobody watches it. Pity, because it's really, really funny. And Paul Rudd is involved! Ken Marino plays Ron, the boss, who would rather open a sandwich franchise and is by some distance the least functional of the entire group. I especially enjoyed the time he set an American flag on fire.

4. Kenny Powers, East Bound and Down: Again, this show has been picked up for a second season, so it'll be back. Danny McBride brought a great mix of sadness and insanity to the past-his-prime baseball star demoted to teaching school kids physical education. The intro alone is enough to draw you in. 

5. Nelson Muntz, The Simpsons: Schadenfreude. 


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