A person of interest

As the former Marshall Mathers ably demonstrates in his new video, making fun of ubiquitous celebrities doesn't really take a whole lot of skill, and has surely reached fish in a barrel status by now. This is why I didn't like the show Best Week Ever for a long time. A bunch of comedians I've never heard of making Lohan/Spears jokes? No thanks. This is why I was so impressed when I heard Paul F. Tompkins on The Best Show, and then on his album 'Impersonal', and became a big fan. And now, very similar lightning has struck twice, with the very funny new CD from BWE contributor John Mulaney, entitled 'The Top Part', which just came out last week. 

He takes in a lot of topics, and is consistently funny, especially when nerding out with his Law and Order routine, a story where he chases a woman through a subway tunnel late at night, and best of all, the closing anecdote about playing Tom Jones on a diner jukebox. His delivery reminds me of Michael Ian Black's, but Mulaney has a more easygoing manner. The anecdotes flow naturally, and he's likeable enough to make you want to listen. The only celebrities that get a mention are Donald Trump and Jerry Orbach, so there's no hipper-than-thou pop culture snarkiness, which suits me just fine. Instead, he talks about the Biblical story of King Solomon, which is much funnier. Go to John's site and watch the clip of him on Conan for a good summary of jokes that made the CD, and you'll enjoy it. 


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