Are you coming out tonight?

No, I wasn't kidnapped, but thanks for asking, Jim.

To be honest, I've spent most of the last week or so in a cave, listening to this new Guillemots song repeatedly. I've gotta say, I can't wait for their new record, 'Red', to be released, because apparently it's simpler and yet more mental than the much-loved by me 'Through the Windowpane'.

'Kriss Kross' is absolutely fucking immense. Pounding violin plucking plus electric bass excess into shouting and a power-chorus, all before a final third that's blissful and pretty yet about people dying.

To help get me fired up for big 'Red', DiS has both an interview with the band, and a track-by-track discussion from the band. The fact that one track is described as "The Bollywood discotheque that [drummer] Greig visits each night when he's asleep" makes me want to get into my time machine and fly.

[download Guillemots - Kriss Kross]

[Guillemots - official site / myspace]


Jim said...

What'll I do with all the ransom money I'd collected then?

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