Monday's things to click and read

Some things:

- Playing a gig in London? Why not invite The Queen? Good enough for Mr. E. [NME Blog]
- Still very excited for 'Searching for the Hows and Whys', and to that end, Sam has gotten all 21st century, with a video podcast. [Get Cape Wear Cape Fly @ YouTube]
- I usually don't care for novelty covers, but Final Fantasy's take on Celine Dion's 'Power of Love' is better than you'd think. [iGiF]
- Finally! An chance to get into The Kinks. [AV Club]
- British Sea Power are coming to Florida! Three whole dates! Here's a brief review of their new album 'Do You Like Rock Music?': It's ace. Here's a slightly longer review: It's not as manic as they used to be, and some people are turned off by this. But I really dig the dynamics and the anthemics, particularly on the album's first half. The video for 'No Lucifer' is puppetry genius. I'll see you at Jack Rabbits. [Pitchfork]
- Steve Coogan's new film is apparently very good. [AiCN - contains spoilers?]
- Guillemots did 'Get Over It' on Jonathan Ross. It's not as mental as 'Kriss Kross', but they get points for use of the word "dram". [Youtube]
- Apparently, we're guilty of over-analyzing Girls Aloud. Wait, what? [Guardian Unlimited]
- It's President's Day here in the U.S. Make your Chester A. Arthritis jokes... now.
- I'd love to see Janusz Kaminski win on Sunday for the incredible cinematography in 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly', but he probably won't. []
- I meant to post this earlier, but how's this for a newspaper headline? [Why That's Delightful!]
- Q Magazine and HMV combine to determine the best British albums of all time and of course it's rubbish. Menswe@r are nowhere to be found! [Telegraph]
- Finally, here's my new purchase that's going to make Biology exams a lot easier. [Shirt Woot!]


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