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Here are some thoughts I had while watching 'Into the Wild' [pre-order DVD]:

  • The film was two and a half hours long, which is roughly the time it took me to get through the source material, Jon Krakaeur's book.
  • Emile Hirsch is great in this film. Also, it was nice to see Zach Galifianakis say "vuh-jiiiii-na" in a funny voice.
  • The guy who has a brief appearance, talking about how love is so great when Tracy and Chris go for a walk - he completely reminded me of Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, only the complete opposite. I hope that makes sense to anyone.
  • I could've done with less Eddie Vedder.
  • The cinematography was great - so many breathtaking nature shots.
  • The primary problem I had with the film was that it was really long and at times really slow moving.
  • Sean Penn's screenplay veered away from the original [see how] and his interpretation was, as you'd expect, a lot more idealistic and sympathetic toward the main character. I didn't feel a lot of warmness toward him in the book, and the film tended to gloss over a lot of his pretty annoying and unattractive habits.
  • Verdict: Maybe I'd have liked it more without having read the book. The pacing and the tone didn't sit too well with me, but the views and the great performances made up for it. Definitely worth a Netflixin'.


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