If the news makes you sad, don't watch it

I call it "the big music" and that encapsulates it pretty well. Songs that just sound huge - witness Black Dollar Bills or Sister Sneaker Soul or No Danger or the recently mentioned BlindBlindBlind or anything by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Music where a finite number of people are making an immense wall of sound that sounds like it's a hundred people playing for their lives.

Edinburgh's Broken Records aren't necessarily in such illustrious company just yet, but judging last year's self titled EP, it won't be long. 'A Good Reason' races through about ten minutes' worth of directions in four minutes, while 'Slow Parade' is more gentle and has plinky-plinky (it's a musical term) pianos and important sounding strings. Listen at their myspace. It's always nice to see Edinburgh pull one back in the battle with Glasgow, and hopefully in the future you'll hear Broken Records again and again.

(Again and again? Broken records? Because they keep... oh, forget it).

[download Broken Records - Slow Parade]


Jim said...

Why is everyone I know talking about that band over the past few days?
A good half dozen folks I know online saw them support Sons & Daughters in Edinburgh and said they were great. They didn't play at the Glasgow show, but we got Frightened Rabbit instead, who were also rather good. Not as good as the lovely Adele though. Considering getting a restraining order to save her the trouble.

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