The kind of thing we don't talk about anymore

Out of all the possible sounds, the sirens and wailing from the beginning of 'It Takes a Nation of Millions' was NOT how I expected the new Mystery Jets album, 'Twenty One', to begin. Now helmed by superproducer Erol Alkan, the Jets have gone for a less weird second album, and while I certainly enjoyed their debut, this new one is more polished, concise and fun, without sacrificing too much of the creativity they showed before. The first half of 'Twenty One', particularly, is unimpeachably fantastic. Air raid sirens and mad synths herald in 'Hideaway', whilst 'Half in Love with Elizabeth' and 'Veiled in Grey' and short, sweet and ace. Then there's 'Two Doors Down', which sounds like ABC but more great, and with a sax burst toward the end. And don't forget the singles - 'Flakes' (still pretty) and 'Young Love,' (with Laura Marling, whose own debut album just came out and I'll probably write about soon), both of which sound good in their long-playing home. The second half of the album sees the songs getting slightly longer, and sounds a little more like the Mystery Jets we used to know and love. I feel like it veers a little off course toward the end, but for the knockout first six tracks alone, 'Twenty One' is well worth your time.

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