A broken collarbone and a dead meerkat

My fondness for Simon Pegg isn't much of a secret, and I thought Michael Ian Black's standup album was pretty good, so I had high-ish hopes for Run Fatboy Run, which the two co-wrote. Alas and alack, the film is a whole heap of okay. There are some funny moments, like when an old lady says "cock" and the cameos from a couple of British comedy giants (seriously, these are tall men), but for the most part it's a really formulaic romantic comedy with not much to get worked up about. Pegg falls over a lot and doesn't give it much as the lovable loser. Most annoyingly, his love rival Hank Azaria's Whit begins as a far preferable alternative, not annoying at all, and then suddenly shifts into the archetypal bad guy far too conveniently. David Schwimmer's direction doesn't really have much flair, there's Fratellis on the soundtrack, and even Dylan Moran can't save this film. I wanted to like it, I really did, but it's far too plain to warrant much more than a shrug and a chuckle.


FOT Josh said...

Wait, a member of The State wrote a bad, formulaic screenplay?!

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