Spring Break list

- Stop shaving, everyone! My Morning Jacket are back, and here's their SXSW set, complete with new songs, and without 'It Beats For You'. [NPR]
- The union between Archie and Jarvis Cocker has finally taken place. [Chris's Invincible Super Blog]
- Nice article about how there are too many words in pop music these days. Words like, oh I don't know, 'Shawty' or 'Yahhh!'. [Slate]
- Dunno if you saw them on Letterman this week, but here's a full live show from British Sea Power. The good news? They still play 'Carrion' [Waves and Wires]
- Someone watched 'Hitman' so you don't have to. [AV Club]
- DiS meets Godlike Genius Efrim Menuck [Drownedinsound]
- So the new Tim Bisley is... Robin Williams meets Matthew Perry. This can only continue to go well. [Hollywood Reporter]
- 'Apatow's Cohorts Making Muppet Movie' is the headline. If they desecrate my beloved Sam the Eagle, there will be punches a-flyin'. [I Watch Stuff]
- Carrie Brownstein really nails how I feel about the perfectly okay Vampire Weekend. [Monitor Mix]
- Finally, the new Mystery Jets video will cheer you up. Even if you're already happy.


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