No one you know is in the know

'Oh Your God'.

This is the one. 'The Architect' took a few unravellings before it started to seep in. 'Slow' is even better, with the lady from the Knife coming in and being sexy, over nice drums and sexy bass. Also, there's a sexy video that you can download for zero money.

But 'Oh Your God' is first 'Vantage Point' song to get me straight away. With drums that don't quite fit, this is the first song they've done in years that sounds like it'd fit on 'In A Bar, Under the Sea'. That is to say, it's a little nuts. "Did 34 pushups, shoulda done 68" is the lyric that stuck with me. The album is just a month away.

New dEUS. What a time to be alive.

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