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Here's something I didn't know. Colin MacIntyre, the one man behind Mull Historical Society, has a new record out, under the artist name - get this - Colin MacIntyre. And now he's got a perm. I really rate him as a songwriter. MHS' debut album 'Loss' is really, really charming and full of ace songs, like debut single 'Barcode Bypass', seven minutes about how a rural supermarket closure leads to disquiet among an older couple. Also, the album cover features a dog in a wig. His arrangements, lyrics, everything, have always been great. The band's two subsequent albums were also solid, if not as strong as 'Loss'.

So now, apparently, four years after the last one, Colin has a new album out called 'The Water', and has ditched the MHS brand for some real name shenanigans. 'The Water' continues Colin's strong run - it's more direct, more rockin', and more lyrically aggressive than anything before. The targets may be a little broad (religion on 'Future Gods and Past Kings', a song called 'Famous for Being Famous' which, in its defense features the great refrain "Hello! OK!") but there's much to admire. 'Stalker' has a similar sound to 'Delivery' by Babyshambles, without the haze of drugs and tabloid overexposure. 'Pay Attention to the Humans' features a guest spot from Tony Benn. Tony Benn! And the first three words in 'Camelot Revisited' are "I don't know" sung exactly the same way as a recent Oscar winning song.

There are significant advances from the MHS says on 'The Water', but again, for a non-showy but consistently enjoyable listen, you could do a lot worse. Don't think there's any U.S. release lined up, check the official site to buy it digitally. There's a digital player for the album embedded here, too, hopefully it shows up and you can listen to thirty seconds of each track.

[download Mull Historical Society - Barcode Bypass]
[download Colin MacIntyre - Stalker]

[Colin MacIntyre official site / myspace]


Jim said...

You didn't know? Shame on you. I bought this - in a shop and everything - that's how much I like Colin.
Bad hair though.

Samir said...

My defense:
I live in a different country.

Jim said...

That's nae excuse :D

Anonymous said...
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Richard H said...

Saw Colin playing in a very small town in Yorkshire (UK) recently. I've only become a fan over the past year after listening to xanadu on a very old compilation CD given away with a magazine. The drummer from the gig is now working with/for Sharleen Spiteri.

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