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Since I really quite enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt's last film 'Brick', I was eager to see his latest, 'The Lookout', but disappointingly, it only played in my town for about three days upon release in the Spring. So now it's on DVD (and Blu-Ray, but who cares?) and I caught it the other day.

Thrillers concerning amnesia/serious head trauma aren't anything new, and though 'The Lookout' owes a nod to 'Memento', it does just enough to stand strongly. Gordon-Levitt is reliably ace, and supported by Jeff Bridges, Isla Fisher and a menacing Matthew Goode, it's a solid set of performances. The plot is simple, if unremarkable, but keeps you interested and the action set pieces are just short of edge-of-the-seat stuff, but it's still a very subtle thing. There's some nice humour, mostly out of Bridges, and the wintery look of the film is really effective. It's hard not to think of 'Brick', another low-key smalltown noir story, which 'The Lookout' isn't quite as original as, in terms of both plot and presentation, but it's still well worth at least a rental.

And, because it plays over the start of the film...

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Olle said...

umm.. that was Jeff Daniels, not Jeff Bridges. good movie.

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