Summer gave us sweets

This is rather embarrassing, but when I posted about The Strange Death of Liberal England recently, I neglected to mention that they had an album coming out literally days later. Well, they do. Sorry about that, TSDOLE, although on the plus side, now you get a second post on AYGH?

The record's called 'Forward March!' and it's dead good. Some moments sound like A Silver Mt Zion - the sharp, often indecipherable vocals and epic building of noise, and the other reference point is Arcade Fire. Hooray, them. There's a part in 'Oh Solitude' where all the instruments cut out, and it always reminds me of the "Between the click of the light and the start of the dream" part in 'No Cars Go'. And it's lovely to have a version of their debut 'A Day Another Day' that's not a rip from the vinyl, although those warm crackles at the start certainly have some charm. As a lifelong subscriber to "the big music", I really like what TSDOLE are doing. Long may they prosper. I just wish the lyrics function on their myspace was working, I'd love to know what the fuck he's saying.

[download The Strange Death of Liberal England - An Old Fashioned War]

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