With the angst of a teenage band

They haven't released a record yet - October 8th, apparently - but The Wombats have become one of my favourite new bands. All the songs of theirs that I've heard so far have been lyrically interesting and bouncy as fuck. Also, one of them has the @ sign in its title (Backfire @ the Disco) which is pretty cool. I haven't heard next single 'Let's Dance to Joy Division' yet, but here's hoping they rhyme "nuclear fission" with "Transmission". I'm terrible.

Recent single 'Kill the Director' opens with a blast of noise before carrying on their theme of fun, upbeat songs about not understanding girls, before a big, Helen Fielding-baiting outro. It's catchy, pithy, and a whole heap of summer joy. Also, if you're that way inclined, there's a remix by CSS, which you can listen to at their myspage. Check 'em.

[download The Wombats - Kill The Director]


Anonymous said...

I like the Wombats. Have seen them a few times because the singer used to go out with one of my best mates so whenever she was in London, in order to see her, I had to also see the Wombats. They make me want to drink cider and pogo in my bedroom!


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