4play: Back 2 Skool

For some reason, there isn't really a wealth of songs celebrating that sensation that I've just experienced, and I'm sure many of you guys have too/will be soon. Yep, it's time to return to school/college/university and put the summer behind you. I mean, there's this, but I've never really cared for the Deftones. If only Alice Cooper would write some sort of flip-side response to his own 'School's Out', that'd make my life a whole lot easier. So, for the most part, here are four songs about the end of summer.

Walking Barefoot - One of Ash's greatest songs, sad but lively, and there's a great bit toward the end where all the instruments cut out and Tim says that the rain just won't go, and then all the noise comes back in that always gives me goosebumps.

Autumn's Here - Someone once played me this song and said he's "Canada's Rufus Wainwright". Well, it's the only song I know to use the word "kindling" so fair play to him. Also it has lovely strings.

The Laws Have Changed - Second year of law school is already more intense than anything I've done before (see image). No more mid-week crack binges, I guess.

Summer Falls - Always got love for the 'Food here, and this song is about a world gone mad, which is probably this one. "As if by magic, summer ends" and a really sweet drum fill around the 3.40 mark. Yep!

[download Ash - Walking Barefoot]
[download Hawksley Workman - Autumn's Here]
[download The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed]
[download Seafood - Summer Falls]


Lauren said...

On the opposite side, there's "I wish I could go back to college" from Avenue Q.

For one of your 4plays you should have things related to what you're learning in law school. One song could be the theme from Pirates of the Carribean in reference to...well...plunder and booty.

Anonymous said...

But Rufus Wainwright is Canadian too! He's from Montreal.

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