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Fastest Workers - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

They wrote a song, based on radio listeners' lyrics, in like three hours! And it was a kickass song. And Stereogum linked to me for writing about it. That was nice of them. As if that wasn't enough, young Ted also took a stand against police brutality at the RNC and wrote a song in like two days, sending all proceeds to Foods Not Bombs and Democracy Now! I'm not going to put the song up here - buy it from Touch And Go, ya bums - but here's a live video. Jimmy, Steve, Violence and Ted: you slags are alright.

[download Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The World Is In the Turlet]


emma said...

not only is teddy killin' it in that video, but i love chris wilson's drumming face so much it is almost obsene.

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