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Person I wish I was more like: Charlie Brooker

His show 'Screenwipe' is unmissable television - like 'The Soup' if Joel McHale was a trillion times more angry, his Guardian column is top-notch entertainment that makes me incredibly jealous of his writing abilities, and this year he even wrote a zombie series which I'm yet to see, but am promised is excellent. In the off chance that you don't know who Charlie is, here's what he had to say in his own end of year post, about Hole in the Wall, a television show that defies reason.

The WTF? prize goes BBC1's Hole In The Wall, the least dignified, most unashamedly imbecilic gameshow in living memory. Apparently conceived by a three-year-old, it consisted of K-list celebrities in spandex contorting themselves into puzzle shapes in order to avoid being dunked in a pool of water. They failed 95% of the time, but the show carried on and on regardless, like a Super Mario cutscene stuck in a loop.
And here's a clip from an older series of Screenwipe, where he goes to town on My Super Sweet Sixteen. Spoiler alert: not a fan. Spoiler alert 2: The phrase "squealing shitcake friends" is used. 


Jim said...

Brooker really annoys me, but he's undeniably the best telly critic around, by quite a distance. Dead Set, his zombie Big Brother thing, wasn't that good though IMO. Derivative plot, weak dialogue and the almost always piss poor Jamie Winstone all adding up to a couple of hours of nothing much.
This week's Screenwipe was excellent, looking at children's TV. It got quite touching too when towards the end of the show Brooker let the Mr. Angry personality drop to talk fondly of Oliver Postgate who died recently.

Jim said...

Also, My Super Sweet Sixteen gives me homicidal urges.

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