If your boyfriend's got beef

Over the last few weeks, I've been rather obsessed with Blizzard Man. Couldn't tell you why - it's just the right balance between dumb and goofy to still be hilarious to me. Laughing at Andy Samberg looking like the dude from Color Me Badd while singing "I wear very nice duds" was a great antidote to the joyless pressure cooker that law school becomes at the end of each term. 

Adding to my non-scholastic distractions over the last fortnight was this music video, by a band I'd never previously heard of. My roommate's boyfriend Travis mentioned them, and our collective curiosity made us watch the video. Behold. 
Now, I'm as judgmental as the next person on the internet, but I can't quite bring myself to hate it. I know I should, and here's a bunch of reasons why. 
  • The band name is formatted "Number/Word/Exclamation Point/Number"
  • They're named after their telephone area code. There is no way that is ever cool.
  • The video tries to set itself up as having a plot. Sort of Cloverfield meets 28 Days Later/Blade Runner?
  • Mitigation (or possibly aggravation): The set up has nothing to do with what actually happens in the video, which doesn't really make a lick of sense.
  • Abundant male semi-nudity.
  • The long haired guy's job description: "Repeat certain words, make actions"
  • At one stage, the line is something "Back east", and that guy points to the left, with nary a glance at a compass. Or the sun's trajectory. Geographically misleading!
  • Something about two white guys singing "Don't trust a ho" is just weird to me.
  • In the future, models will be called to wrestle each other, incorporating some sort of modified Boston Crab.
  • ...something about tribes?
  • Simulated sex with a giant ram
  • "Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips" is tasteless enough, but add the actions/dance routine, and it's golden.
  • Everything is smashed up at the end for what should be obvious reasons. 
  • Like the year's best TV advertisement, it ends with a giant explosion. 
  • The band also has a song called Holler Till You Pass Out. 
  • "Crunk hop" has been used to describe the sound.
  • Two songs were played on 'The Hills'.
Yet, like I said, I can't hate the song. What's wrong with me/right with them? Just harmless hi-energy fun, right? Right? Either that, or these guys are evil geniuses who are corrupting our youth and must be stopped at once. 


Lauren said...

I say don't fight it. It's inevitable. You will love them.

Also, if we must create a youtube video of us dancing to the song, can I be the long haired one repeating words? I think i'd be good at it.

Florizel said...

This song was a friends myspace page song early this year... and good enough that I bought the album (not a radical idea for me, you blog gets me to by CD's (Itunes) at least once a month)...

But I thought the band was totaly random with corny lyrics and a decent beat... then one day last month I was working on something with MTV Hits on the TV... and this video came on... no longer my secret little crazy song... now in the mainstream... or at least the mainstream of MTV II.

You gotta admit it makes you smile...

Dina said...


emma said...

here is the thing that annoyed me most about this: IS HE A REAL VEGETARIAN? this is something i need to know before i can judge further. he is only a real creep if he would lie to us about something like that.

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