Let's put a smile on that face

Have you guys heard about this new Batman flick? Apparently, (at the time of writing this) it's the greatest film ever made. Take it from me - I think it might be a sleeper hit, remember where you heard the name first. It's a shame that here in the States, it opened against box-office juggernauts Mamma Mia! and Space Chimps - both of which I kind of want to see - but good luck to this Nolan guy all the same.

Anyway, I saw The Dark Knight, at an almost full 10am screening and though I was reluctant to write about it, here are some thoughts. Reluctant just because, well, there's no dearth of opinion about it floating around, so who needs another?

- The first scene, which you can actually watch on its own for free, is really great.
- Not just because I'm a big fan of people getting hit by buses for comedic effect.
- William Fichtner. I see his face everywhere.
- Wait, was that Colin McFarlane? From Black Books and The Fast Show? Brilliant!
- Nice to see, at the beginning, that "Honest" Abraham Lincoln was one of the Batman suspects.
- Yes, yes, Heath was great, but for me the star of the show was Aaron Eckhart. Dude killed it. Makes up for the god-awful 'Bill' and 'Black Dahlia'.
- The Batman voice is so silly sounding.
- Scarecrow is in it for like two minutes, and I could've done without him.
- The last line in the film is super corny.
- The stunt stuff in Hong Kong is awesome, the shot of the 18ft truck doing a pirouette even more so.
- I'm now even more eager to become a lawyer.
- That accountant was a jerk.
- There were loads of trailers: I can remember Watchmen, Terminator 4, Body of Lies, The Mummy 3, and Burn After Reading.
- I guess what I'm saying is... go and see it.


dana said...

agree, lolz (and agree), hmmmm?, I have no clue (you know me), tru that, YES!! so glad someone else has sense!!, silly sounding and HOTT, agree, ...agree, loved the truck, I kind of want to be a lawyer too, but not an accountant because they're jerks, Quantum of Solace trailer was on and it was fabulous!! :D

Adrian said...

Ah yes the opening scene is quite excellent. I recommend you watch it on an IMAX screen though, because you'll never want to see it on anything else.

lee said...

I thought the IMAX added a lot, but not enough to travel to see it if it hadn't coincided with other travel plans.

Agree re: Eckhart being the lynchpin of the movie and typically great acting chops from my favorite Mormon, but seriously, Samir...

... you saw Bill?

Samir said...

sure did...
I'm not proud of it either.

Lyla Lou said...

I thought the batman voice was silly too. And am I the only one who thinks Maggie Gylenhal did ok? I'm not a big Katie Holmes fan, I hate how she talks out of the side of her mouth.

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