Mistaken for Strangers, and Disorganized

Today I moved to Tallahassee, a different town than the one I usually live in, to start a six week job. I'm looking forward to that, but here's a funny story from my drive up here. Despite being pretty meticulous about packing all the things I'll need for a month and a half - alarm clock radio, tie rack plus ties, John Adams on DVD - of course I forgot something at home.

I got on the road, filled up with petrol, stuck 'Boxer' on, and skipped 'Fake Empire' - not because I don't love it, just because it's not a hot-rockin' song to drive to - and heard the lyric "Showered and blue blazered". Yup, my suit was still hanging in my cupboard at home. Now, if it were something else, like shoes or a towel, I wouldn't be too fussed. But a suit isn't something that I can just buy when I get there, or borrow from someone else. Plus I'll be working at a fancy-pants place, so I couldn't just say ahhh forget it.

Luckily, I was still in Gainesville, so I could turn back and pick it up. But I just think it's funny that, had it not been for The National, I'd have been far more screwed. God bless that band!


lee said...

put a little something in Charlie Crist's lemonade, will ya?

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