Riot, disorder, set the banks on fire

Due to a friend's bachelor party and law school exams, I won't be posting here for a few days. Yes, I wish the two weren't so close together but as you guys know, I'm prone to throwing caution to the wind.

In my absence, go to these two new interblog things and tell them I sent you.

1. LSD and Lollipops: FOT Beth, who's largely responsible for my ye-ye affliction, has finally set up her own shop, and it's essential reading.

2. Kramer vs. Predator: Gainesville, Florida's very own Matt writes about films, but with the cool detachment of someone who could only be a friend of mine. In post number one, look out for the phrase "neck sex".

American readers, enjoy your three day weekend. Here's a song that's patriotic.

[download Hope of the States - George Washington]
(YSI link, sorry. Those Hot Chip files DESTROYED all my bandwidth)


Lauren said...

Washington's alright and all, but he's NO Jefferson.

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