Something bigger than the heartache

I know, I know. It's been at least nine days since I last wrote about a Scottish band, so I'm addressing that imbalance right now. Got the new De Rosa album 'Prevention' in the post the other day (thanks, Stewart!) and not shockingly, it's really good. Martin Henry's voice, and the folksy arrangements here remind me of King Creosote, but there's a more sinister undercurrent to 'Prevention'. One song, 'It Helps to See You Hurt', sets the tone - really bitter lyrics but over incredibly lush backing. 'A Love Economy', which opens the album, is particularly ace, so listen to it below. 'Flight Recorder', an album highlight, builds and builds to a beautifully tense finale. 

The band recently played some dates supporting Doves, and you can see a musical similarity for sure. Bringing in drum loops and a load of extra orchestration definitely helps the album. On a day like this, when it's pissing down with rain all over Florida, 'Prevention' is the perfect accompaniment. I'd say it's better than the Cure, but that would be a horrific joke, so probably best to avoid that. 

[download Chemikal Underground - Podsketch #5] Contains two De Rosa songs, including a Kate Bush cover.

[De Rosa official / myspace]
[buy 'Prevention' UK / US]


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