Live vault: the delgados

I'm back at my parents' place for a few days, and so that means I could play around on my old computer, and thereupon found this ace live set to share with you. Don't remember where I got it from, or why 'No Danger' isn't part of it, but it's great quality, and features the best songs from arguably the band's two best albums. And, I'm in a good mood - graduating law school on Friday - so here it is!

Speaking of, listen to the newest Chemikal podsketch where I get a shout out.

Files are no longer up - sorry if you missed out.

[01 - Knowing When to Run]
[02 - Everything Goes Around the Water]
[03 - Accused of Stealing]
[04 - The Actress]
[05 - Reasons for Silence]
[06 - Aye Today]
[07 - Don't Stop]
[08 - 13 Gliding Principles]
[09 - Witness]
[10 - Pull the Wires From the Wall]
[11 - Blackpool]
[12 - American Trilogy]
[13 - The Past that Suits You Best]


Jim said...

Magic. Looks to be from about 2001, the setlist is about the same as the Live at the Fruitmarket album, except that has No Danger.

Jim said...

Oh, and IT'S A FIX!

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