Shut it, Love Actually

It's hot and muggy here, so a good time for some shorts: 

- Nick Cave wrote a script for Gladiator 2, which shockingly enough, was not utilised. But it sounds mental and amazing
- Last couple of weeks of The Best Show have been suitably superlative. Guest spots from Todd Barry and Martin Short; great calls from Sticks, and last night the truly amazing: an interview with "Hate Pit" mainstay Kevin Smith. Jaws dropped. Why aren't you listening yet?
- Today is my last ever day as a law student. How should I celebrate? (Not accepted: breaking the law)
- Hope of the States are dead. Long live The Northwestern, featuring Sam and Simon from HOTS. Two songs are on the myspage, and suggest that they're keeping the 'Left' sound, with three guitarists and nobody providing the "orchestral armageddon" that I so loved. But these new songs are definitely promising - eager to see what comes of them. Go here for a free download (in WMA format?!)
- Yes, I'm aware that the season is over. I don't want to talk about it
- When oh when oh when will 'In The Loop' be here so I can watch it? (Clip has some language that might be unsuitable for puritans or people at work)


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