Pizza ready for some football... for free

I had a lovely Memorial Day weekend, seeing lots of relatives after a long time, spending some time in NYC, and going to a funny comedy show at the UCB Theater. On the plane back to Florida, I caught the second half of the Champions League final - it sure was nice seeing Thierry Henry with a winner's medal, and Christiano Ronaldo crying. All in all, a great little getaway.

Had to come back down to earth somehow, though, and that happened when I got back to my house here in Gainesville, to find that we'd been burgled over the long weekend, and my laptop and external hard drive were both stolen. The computer was literally the only thing of value that I owned. Cue calls to the cops, my immigration lawyer - it had scans of important legal documents on there - the bank, etc. At the moment, I'm using my roommate's laptop, while I wait for my newly ordered Lenovo IdeaPad to arrive. 

The one good thing that happened upon my return home was the arrival of Team Submarine's new CD, Correctamundo! It's hilarious and has really lifted my spirits this week. Steve (or is it Gareth LC! ?) and Nate are based in NYC, and have a great set which you ought to check out post haste. References to Nazis, Jay Leno, Garfield - the cat, not the slain President - and the film 'Failure to Launch' abound. They have a great chemistry and play off each other very well. See them share embarrassing stories about each other, make prank calls, prepare for a college tour, and address weightier topics like abortion. 

The album is a mere $7 from their website, and as the clip below will illustrate, you should drop that money at once. Highly recommended!

"You just opened up a whole bucket of owls, now you've gotta let them fly."


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