Use it or lose it

In of my favourite Simpsons episodes, "teen sensation" Britney Spears says "In today's youth obsessed culture, we sometimes forget that older people are still alive" and the new documentary Young@Heart reminded me of that line. It's a crowd pleaser, for sure, but there's far more to it than just "aren't old people adorable?" There are moments in this film that had me in tears, and as you all know, I'm tough as nails.

The film's about a choir based in Massachussets, whose average age is eighty, who sing songs by the Clash and Outkast. And, in this film, Sonic Youth! It's a quirky enough combination to have people interested, but there is enough focus on some of the cast members to make them actually come off as interesting. Plus they all have various forms of health problems so there's more gravitas to their personalities. It's genuinely moving to see them talk about how singing keeps them sane, and genuinely hilarious to see them struggling with the words of Greasy Funk legend Alan Toussaint.

I recommend it to anyone who likes to really enjoy films and feel happy. If nothing else, the chorus makes 'Fix You' actually sound moving, which is more than Coldplay ever did.

You'll probably like it.


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