I am shipwrecked on the rocks

It's kind of mindblowing that a band as young as The Coral have a best-of collection out today. They're as old as I am! It really puts things into perspective. What have I achieved? Certainly not, like, four albums, many tours, and an endorsement from Noel Gallagher. I remember when (eh, Coral fans?) they first came out, sounding and looking like a weird bunch of scruffy kids from Liverpool writing sea shanties and covering Bob Marley. Then I heard 'Skeleton Key', a single which, inexplicably, is not included on the new Singles compilation. It's a song so strange that it's hard not to pay attention. It's the sound of getting beaten up by Turkish pirates. The word "intricate" is terribly underused in pop music word, but they fit it in. There's breakdown and then it all comes back in. And even a bizarre jazz-influenced outro. Their second album 'Magic and Medicine' was far more conventional, but had a few very pretty songs, and I must confess I haven't really listened to anything they've done since that. But today, enjoy 'Skeleton Key' and try not thinking of mutiny upon yonder high seas.

[download The Coral - Skeleton Key]

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