Doin' fifty-five in a fifty-four

Being an east-coast rapper and a member of Oasis, respectively, you'd think that Jay-Z and Noel Gallagher would be no strangers to beef. And so the war of words that erupted earlier this summer between the two over Jigga's Glastonbury headlinery was momentarily interesting, but then, with his little 'Wonderwall' riff, Jay sort of ended that one on top.

Oh, except he didn't - perhaps you've heard 'Jockin' Jay-Z' from his new record. So this feud is still going on, and in case anyone in the world was waiting for it, there's now an Oasis v. Jay-Z mash-up album up on the 'net. It's been put together by Cookin' Soul, and it's available for free on his myspace. The name of the album is "Ojayzis", which sounds like something Dylan Moran would say. And it looks like the album artwork was done by the floating heads guy! Here's a sample from the mixtape, with two of my fave songs by each party.

[download Cookin' Soul - 99 Supersonic Problems]


Lauren said...

I'm really not surprised that this was created. Is it bad that I'm slightly excited to hear this song?

lee said...

I want to hear someone rap Martin Luther's 95 Theses to the cadence and beat of '99 Problems'

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