Grammys and miscellany

I'm writing this while watching the Grammys, so it'll be even more disjointed than the list format already provides. Sorry, people! Also, I've been using twitter a lot more than this blog lately, because most of my thoughts very conveniently occupy less-than-or-equal-to 140 characters. Follow me on there if you so choose. 

So here are a few things that I've meaning to write about for a while, cleaned up and given bullet points. 
  • I began and then finished 'More Information than you Require' by John Hodgman - or should that be @hodgman? - and rather enjoyed it. 
  • Saw 'Vicky Christina Barcelona' and thought it was pretty and sweet, but couldn't get over the first act being set in Oviedo, since it also happens to be the city in which my girlfriend lives. Not the same one, sadly. 
  • Mentioned my love for Blizzy B previously on here, and so it's no surprise that the next collab between T-Pain and Andy Samberg is also ace. 'Incredibad' drops this week, and I've got high hopes. 
  • Bloc Party covered Girls Aloud. Listen here. They didn't do 'Sexy No No No' for some reason. 
  • Robert Plant just won a Grammy. What year is this again? 
  • Charlie Brooker doesn't like Twitter, but I still like Charlie Brooker. 
  • Like the last two posts here, gotta mention Aidan Moffat - the board game is now live. Play it, with his dulcet tones guiding you the whole way, and get a free download at the end. 
  • Went to the local indie club for my birthday a few days ago, and gotta admit: when 'Kids' came on, it slaaaaayed. 
  • Have you heard the band brokeNCYDE? Happy birthday, everyone
  • Valentine's day next week - here's where I'll be. 


Alissa said...

Look, Robert Plant just won TWO Grammys...ugh.

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