Assorted on Tuesday


- Put on a conference about Music Law and gig this past weekend. Both were very well attended and went down very well. Don't believe me? Read this, cynic!
- Had to leave that early to go to a wedding, where I got into a fight with a dude much bigger than me. (I didn't really)
- After THAT, back for the Annual Oscars party: My predictions were terrible, I'm the 'Revolutionary Road' of the gathering. Great initial performance, ended up empty handed and terribly depressing. Happy with most of the wins - especially Danny Boy(le) and Rahman. And whatever you think of Slumdog, there's no way this isn't adorable. 
- I'm going to miss Conan on Late Night. Really hope he can still get away with stuff like this on the Tonight Show. 
- Been enjoying the two eps each so far of Delocated and Eastbound and Down. Only one featured a Ska-Mitvah, though.
- So you know how I'm always talking about the Best Show on WFMU? Now it's easier than ever to get into, and I hope that at least four of you will do so. There's a new podcast, Best Show Gems, which'll send you one bit every other Monday. Perfect! Also, Matt from Fluxblog has posted a few of their greatest hits. Listen to it, then I'll leave you alone. 
- If THAT wasn't incentive enough... tonight is going to be a big show: General Patton, the Wizard of Oswalt in-studio! And Robert Popper and Pete Serafinowicz from Look Around You on the phone? Unmissable. What more do you want? Blood?
- I guess I should include some music? New Rakes!


Dina said...

The movie industry was kind to give you many options for hyped-but-failed comparisons this year. I like that you chose to be Revolutionary Road, but you could have also been W., Valkyrie, Australia, Changeling (Jolie nom be damned), Cadillac Records, or as some might argue, Benjamin Button. Why so much fail this year, Samir?

Samir said...

I went with Hathaway and Rourke, so lost two big categories there. Preferred Marisa to P. Cruz.


I like to think of myself as RevRoad because for some reason, people thought I had a chance beforehand - unlike, say, Cadillac Records or Australia.

What did you think of Huge Jackman?

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