A wee bit o'blarney

I found out on Friday that one of my close friends from college is very sick, and so that served to take a lot of the wind out of my weekend. Tried everything I could to take my mind off it - watched some Saxondale, went to see TL/Rx, listened to a lot of the Best Show, didn't do any work, etc. For laughs, I also listened to the new stand up CD from Andrew Daly. Dude has been a staple on the New York and L.A. scenes for a while, which explains why my only exposure to him has been on Root of All Evil and Semi-Pro. Of course, he's a lot funnier than those things allowed him to be.

'Nine Sweaters' consists of nine (actually, eleven) different characters, each very meticulously planned out, that deliver varyingly insane rants. One of them, Jerry O'Hearn, you may have heard on the Comedy Death Ray compilation which I've mentioned on here before. There's an Irishman that loves to spin a tall tale, a smalltown actor who's just arrived in L.A. and is going to make it there, an eighty-year old man with a mind in the gutter, and a comedian whose gimmick - being invisible - may not necessarily be beneficial to the craft. Best of all, and by that I mean most deliriously batshit insane of all, was a guy who is the Life of the Party. I can't really describe him, but suffice to say, he'll get you conga-ing, or die trying. I've put up the shortest clip from the CD (most are >10 mins) for your enjoyment. Unlike Hap Arden, Shooter is about to leave L.A. and this is his send-off. Enjoy!

[download Andrew Daly - Shooter's Bon Voyage Set]

[Andy Daly myspace / Buy 'Nine Sweaters']


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