Like fish and human beings

If like me, you're concerned about your dietary habits, here's an old chestnut to help you remember what not to eat. It's presented by Marilyn Manson, the popular entertainer, and is from Clone High, a long-deceased television program that if you've never seen, you really ought to seek out. It's on the Youtubes, so go there now and watch it.

And, uh, maybe there'll be a real update on here sometime soon?

[download Marilyn Manson - The Food Pyramid Song]


Lauren said...

If I were President, after creating a monthly free ice cream day, I'd bring Clone High back onto TV. It's...kind of educational...I guess...but more importantly RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!

"Wait a minute! Throw some 'er's and 'uh's in there. What's your hurry?"

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