"This is a wonderful show"

Portland icons and language enthusiasts The Decemberists just put out their newest record The Crane Wife and it's dead good. They're playing in Atlanta on Friday, and since I live about seven hours from there, I shan't be going. It's a pity, because I saw them there last summer, and they were terrific. Later in the year, they came to Tallahassee (unheard of!) and it was the best gig of 2005. No Florida date on this tour, alas, so I guess I'll have to make do with the live recording of their date at the Wiltern in Los Angeles last week.

It's pretty 'Crane Wife'-heavy, of course, although there's a sad lack of 'Yankee Bayonet', but 'Odalisque' is back in there, so rejoice rejoice. And Colin leads the audience in a vocal warm up exercise. Plus there's talk about nubian princesses, and we all need more of that.

The best way to listen to this: dress up your friends, and if possible your pets, as 19th century merchants, put fairy-lights up all around your living room and try to acquire enough sand to cover the floor.

[download The Decemberists - Live at the Wiltern, 2006-10-21]


Jeff said...

I was at the concert this weekend. AMAZING!
How do you download this flac file tho? I feel like a complete idiot trying to download the show.

samir said...

Jeff, download the FLAC files as you would regular MP3s (although it'll take longer, as the audio quality is a lot higher), and then you'll need a plugin to play them through WinAmp or Windows Media Player.

Check this page for details:

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