Never taken a short cut before?


Two teasers are now online for the best film of 2007, Hot Fuzz.

Watch them now.

Nick Frost is great.

"Is it true that there's a place in a man's head that if you shoot it, it will blow up?"

(edit: SOULJACKER PART ONE... by eels. That's the song in there. It bugged me all day.)


Lauren said...

Yeah, we need to see that.

While Simon Pegg was jumping over the fences I 1/2 expected it to be a Shaun of the Dead reference...but it surprised me and strayed.

nick said...

I was hoping the fence would fall over as he tried to jump over it. It does look fantastic though. Do we havea release date on it yet?

Matt Gilmour said...

Well, this made my day

Towelley said...

Release date is March 9th in the US and February 16th in the UK.

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