Woke up with a shoe in my mouth

Today's post is about the album "Through the Windowpane" by Guillemots. It's nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, and I sincerely hope it wins. Perhaps you've heard their "Made Up Lovesong #43" which is effortlessly sweet, daft and lovely. The album is really ambitious, and I like that it doesn't always work - there are a lot of open spaces, where it's just the singer's voice over very bare backing, and even though his voice is pretty special, at times it's not that great. But oh shit, when they get it right...

Especially check out the last track, Sao Paolo, which lasts for ages and is layer upon layer of awesomeness.

[download Guillemots - Les Black Sessions (full show)]


Dana!! said...

Not only did I think of you while seeing "Snakes on a Plane," but I also thought of you while browsing a used CD store yesterday in Dupont Circle, where I saw about 4 different Mogwai CDs. The guy I was with asked, "Who're they?" I just smiled knowingly.

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