We can dance if you wanna

You should probably know this about me. I love to dance. Not seamless, fluid, confident dancing like the kind you can see in Step Up (in cinemas now!), but more akin to (a) a man getting an electric shock, or (b) Anthony Rapp from ‘Rent’. In the States, I don’t get to dance in clubs too much, because most of the ones I encounter tend to play either low-slung booty hip hop, or eighties classics. And whilst I’m not entirely adverse to shaking it like a rattlesnake, or doing the ‘Like a Prayer’ shuffle, I don’t go out dancing too much.

In Miami earlier this year, I chanced upon a place that played ‘Pilot’ by the Notwist, and I couldn’t believe my luck. It’s very rare to find clubs that play the same sort of music as the clubs I’m used to in London, certainly here in Florida. So when my girlfriend texted me a few Fridays ago to say she was at a place in Orlando that was playing Bloc Party, the Pipettes and the Arctic Monkeys, I was pretty excited, and eager to check it out for myself.

So last week I did. The place was not bad, filled with emo-haircuts, but quite cool. The music selection was very odd, though. Aside from ‘The Fallen’ and ‘Cheated Hearts’, there was nothing played that I really liked. There was some Sounds, Wolfmother, Darkness, and other bands who I don’t really like, and although there was someone wearing that Pipettes blue dress, there was nothing I could really go on a pointin’ extravaganza to. And weirdest of all, at one point, they played two Vines songs in a row. Two Vines songs?! ‘Get Free’ and ‘Highly Evolved’, you ask? No! Two songs off the newest Vines album. Can anyone even name the newest Vines album?

It was just a bad night’s spinnin’, I’m sure.


Lauren said...

I wish i had a video of you dancing to compare to this.

(Tip: Go to minute 1:47 for a very acurate representation of your dancing ability.)

Also, re: the sentimental blog, i did enjoy it. And the song. It's on right now. Then again, you shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

The 'Like a Prayer' shuffle is a classic!

I miss doing it. :(


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