A song about myself

Tomorrow, August 15th, marks four years since my family and I moved to the United States. Now, I'm not going to post a sentimental "Oh my, how I've grown" kind of entry in here, but I did want to post this song. It came out a few months before the move, after I'd told my friends that I'd be goin' Transatlantic on their asses. We'd been into Idlewild since the Captain days, and this song was their most epic yet, and the lyrics, title, everything just had an incredible poignancy. So, I can't listen to it now without thinking of the summer of 2002, watching them play it at Glastonbury, the beautifully lit video, and my London peoples.


[download Idlewild - American English (live in Shetland)]


Anonymous said...

And I can't here the song without thinking of you, and Glastonbury 2002, and all the friends made for life i shall never see again...

I doubt we're the only ones - as you say, uncanny prescience.

4 years, eh? Seems like yesterday.

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