Video of the Day

I saw this music video posted over at Videogum today, and I can't quite find the words. There's a number of things to focus on, but I don't know where to begin. Fortunately, my friend Tom summed it best when he said "Is this, like, supposed to be an inverse of the Stepford Wives?"

Watch and enjoy


Nick said...

Canadian Oompa-Loompas!

Jana TheJunction said...

Jesus, what's wrong with their hair? And everything else?

emma from toronto said...

I think I posted this on the FOT board once. These guys were the ultimate insult in grade two: "Oh yeah? Well YOU have a crush on OHAD from B4-4!"

My friend told me that two of them are the twin sons of a rabbi he knows, and after this band's terrifying fifteen minutes came and went they started, like, a traveling family jazz band with their father.

crumbum said...

actually, two of these guys are making a second go of things as an Il Divo style twin-duo. They're called RyanDan. I don't think a whole lot is happening for them.

Lauren said...

Because of you, this song has been in my head for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT. I suppose it's better than Nickleback...

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