I just hate having dinner with people

Maybe it's because of hype or gimmicks, but as I've said before, the comedies of 2008 have failed to make me laugh too much. (A second possibility, that I'm a miserable, humourless bastard, is not an option). So it was all the more of a surprise that I found Role Models, a quiet-ish film with no big buzz or major name stars, to be the funniest of the year so far. I'm increasingly coming around to David Wain (in addition to Wainy Days, his entry in the Ben Karlin book is ace), and here he has put together a pretty basic but very effective film. It definitely has the best Marvin Hamlisch joke I've heard in a while.

In the leads, neither Paul Rudd nor Seann William Scott is really straying from what they do best - straight faced sarcastic dude and carefree party machine respectively. Why deviate from what everyone loves? (Though I continue to defend SWS in Southland Tales, much to my increasing spiritual detriment). The dynamic between the two here is perfect, and both are given some great lines. There are good performances from the youngsters - the McLovin kid is given more to do than just be a caricature, and the kid from Shutterbugs gets plenty of raunchy lines. Throw in appearances from many recognizable comedy faces (yes Matt Walsh, no Michael Ian Black), a ridiculously over the top finale that's somewhere between Darkon and Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.

There are moments of sweetness, Jane Lynch is hilarious, a child's drawing of a man getting raped by a robot, Rock You Like a Hurricane, and plenty of boobs.

Go see it.


Lauren said...

I really can't get around to liking McLovin. He just seems annoying to me. I bet he'll be stuck with that nickname forever, too.

Also, you're totally a miserable, humourless bastard.


Dana said...

I met a girl today in the Ed Policy department who reads this blog. Small world, huh? ;)

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