The roar of far-off black jets

I can't explain it.

I really like the band Thursday. Have done for years.

I don't like any of the bands that they're often lumped in with, nor do I like much else that sounds like them. I don't know what makes them so special, but I've dug two of their albums - 'Full Collapse' and 'War All the Time' - a whole lot. The latest one, 'A City by the Light Divided' I could take or leave, but I still care enough to have bought their new rarities set 'Kill the House Lights' [buy].

As with most compilations, it's a little hit-or-miss. There's a handful of new songs - lead track 'Ladies and Gentlemen - My Brother, The Failure' (listen at myspace) is probably the most interesting, because it features backing from Tim Kasher out of Cursive. There are some demos, a couple of interludes which I could do without, and a version of 'How Long is the Night' with an extended intro, which again is a little redundant. I bought it over iTunes, so I don't get the DVD with live performances and documentary, so I feel dumb about that. This band are terrific live.

Here's the original, album version of 'How Long is the Night', listen to it!

[download Thursday - How Long is the Night]


Bryan said...

i saw them in Lawrence, KS last night. fourth time i've seen them, and this was the best show i've ever been to. i totally agree that i don't really like much of the music they're lumped with, but they've been my favorite band for 5 years and counting.

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