Playing games in the rain

There's a great article over at the Guardian today about the reformations of several Britpop-era "also-ran" bands, like Dodgy, Kula Shaker and Shed Seven. None of them were ever particularly fashionable, but without them, there may be no Kaiser Chiefs or the View. But they're playing in front of bigger crowds now than ever before. Jim from Gimme Back My Head remains the only Northern Uproar fan in Britain, though.

Best sentence: "One single review said I stank of piss," sighs Witter, still as slender as before (and not noticeably odorous).

Also, look out for the Echobelly diss towards the end.

[download Dodgy - Staying Out for the Summer]


Jim said...

My secret shame revealed!
Reformations started to take the piss when Marion got back together, even though I like them.
Crispian Mills is still an arsehole though.
That is a nice Echobelly/Sleeper diss though. How's Louise Wener's novel writing career going?

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