From the illest part of the Western Hemisphere

Out this week, Game Theory by The Roots is getting shit-hot reviews. This may have something to do with how much of an improvement it is over the previous one, The Tipping Point, which, truth be told, wasn't too terrible. But now on a new home (Def Jam) and with the Jiggaman as a boss, they've made an album that doesn't get too self-indulgent and manages to stay focused. Only the closing tribute to J-Dilla clocks in at over five minutes, and sure enough, it's the weakest track on here. The return of former rapper Malik B on a few tracks provides a nice contrast to Black Thought's much-maligned monotone, and as ever the band cover a lots of bases. There's lady-friendly smooth jamz like Clock With No Hands and first single Don't Feel Right, the up-in-yo-face title track and In The Music, the Sly Stone aping Baby, and the short-but-ace flute workout Livin' In A New World.

Have a listen to Atonement, as chill as a good freezer, and boasting a sample from 'You and Whose Army?' by Radiohead. Really.

[download The Roots - Atonement]


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